Shania Twain at Zappos Theater

Shania Twain

The AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

The must-see country music show of 2020 is returning to the world famous Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada this Friday 11th December 2020 when Shania Twain comes to town. With music lovers already lining up to ticket booths and box offices now is the only opportunity to get your tickets to see Shania Twain live! You could enjoy the songs and melodies that have raced Shania Twain to the top of the charts as well as lesser known hits beloved by long time fans. From your seat at the concert hall, you will experience the stage presence that commands attention and makes new fans fall in love during every one of their live appearances. Don’t miss out! Get your tickets to see the show by clicking the Buy Tickets button now!

Shania Twain at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood

Shania Twain is performing in Nevada and we know you don’t need another reason to come to Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood because, well, this concert will be everything you’ve dreamed of. But we will still give you another one. Whenever you attend a country music concert, you will be happy to realize that everyone is your friend. You might go alone, but by the end of the night, you will walk out with quite a number of friends. The charm of country music concerts is that people will always be happy to share the moment as they sing in unison. When Las Vegas, Nevada wants to share a night of togetherness, the first venue that comes to mind is always Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood. Not only does the venue regularly invite some of country music’s unrivalled stars to their stage, but it offers the perfect atmosphere to start new friendships, as well as some perks such as on-site bar and grille for them tailgating afternoons. Get your ticket today to become a part of something special coming this Friday 11th December 2020 to Nevada!

Shania Twain at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood

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