Bakkt Theater Seating Chart

Our independent guide is curated to assist you in locating the best seats at the Bakkt Theater – enabling you to have the best time at the shows. Whether you need front row seats, a balcony perspective, or everything in between, our independent guide has you covered. Click on the specific event at Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood for which you’d like to explore tickets to see an interactive seating map and seat views. You can view the seating arrangement for your event as well as the cost of the various sections on our Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood seating chart.

Seating Areas

Front Row Seats

Bakkt Theater gold circle seating
The front row seats are where the action is at. At the Bakkt Theater, it’s called Gold Circle Seating. You’ll be super close to the stage, feeling like you’re a part of the performance. This is the spot for fans who want to see every expression and detail up close.

Fans will get the best seats in the house at Planet Hollywood’s Bakkt Theater with a Gold Circle ticket. While there are really no terrible views from here, this section is often standing room only and general admission, so the finest locations will be in the middle and will fill up soon. We advise Gold Circle ticket holders to arrive at the performance as early as possible to receive the finest viewing areas.

If you want a wonderful view but don’t have the money for a VIP Table or a Gold Circle ticket, you can sit in the orchestra. These seating areas, which are situated just past the Table seating, are still close to the stage from the front part of the lower seating deck. In addition to getting a front-row seat to the show on the stage, spectators in Sections 102–104 will also have some of the greatest views of the 2,200 square foot high-definition LED walls.

Remember: Front row seats are always sold out first! If you want all the action and be as close as you can to the stage, we highly recommend that you secure your Gold Circle tickets early.

Middle Zone Seating

The middle section is like the sweet spot. At the Bakkt Theater, it’s called Mezzanine seating. You’re not too close, not too far – it’s just right. You’ll get a clear view of the stage without straining your neck. Plus, the sound is top-notch from here. If you want a more affordable range of ticket prices, without compromising your concert experience, these sections are perfect for you.

Mezzanine Seating

Bakkt Theater mezzanine seating
Mezzanine seating keeps spectators on the lowest level for fantastic views while yet feeling near to the action. It’s located in the back half of the lower seating tier. With only 13 lettered rows of seats (A through M), Side Sections 201 and 209 have a smaller feel, while the other Mezzanine sections closer to the center of the stage offer superior viewing opportunities. The majority of Mezzanine sections, with the exception of Sections 201 and 209, contain 28 rows of seats, beginning with Row A in the front and finishing with Row BB in the back.

Balcony Seating

Bakkt Theater balcony seating
If you’re up for a different perspective, head to the balcony. You’ll be above the crowd, which can give you a sweeping view of the whole theater. It’s a bit more relaxed up here, and you’ll still enjoy fantastic sound and visuals. Balcony seats are still some of the best seats in the theater because it enables you to have a full view of everything going on!

Due to its placement at the rear of the theater and on the second tier, a seat on the balcony will offer an elevated perspective of the show and will seem further than other seating places. Fans will be able to locate a less expensive ticket here in comparison to the other possibilities! There are 19 rows of seating in the majority of balcony sections, with Row A being in the front.

VIP Tables

For the ultimate A-list experience, there are VIP tables with bottle service. These are like your personal party spots. You’ll have a great view, comfy seats, and drinks delivered right to your table. It’s the way to go if you’re looking for that extra touch of luxury. Please note that not all events include VIP tables. Depending on the event organizers, there may or may not be available VIP tables for the show. VIP Tables are located in the Gold Circle area.

Accessible Seating

The Bakkt Theater have made every effort to be sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities, both in the design of the venue and its policies.
Seating for the physically challenged is available at all price levels for all events at The Bakkt Theaterr. Depending on the event, there are wheelchair accessible (WCA) areas in most sections. All entrance doors are wheelchair accessible. Escort services are available to assist disabled guests to get to the seating area using their own wheelchair or a Planet Hollywood wheelchair. Please note that Planet Hollywood wheelchairs are for the use of all guests and cannot be left with the guest after an escort. If necessary, a guest’s wheelchair can be stored in the immediate area if the guest elects to sit in a provided seat.

Best Seats at the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood

This independent guide is here to help you locate the best seats at the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood. Now, we’re giving you an insider tip: Seats in sections like 306 and 308 – directly across from the stage – offer the coziest and clearest view of the performance. When you’re in these sections, you’re right in the line of sight to the stage. This means you won’t have to twist or turn your head to catch all the action – everything’s right in front of you! It’s like having front-row seats without being too close, or all the craziness happening in front. You’ll be able to see the performers’ expressions, catch every detail, and fully immerse yourself in the show. So if you’re looking for a comfy and optimal view, these sections are where it’s at.

*Please note that the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood is a multi-purpose theater. Seating arrangements and sections may change depending on the artist or event. See event details when selecting your seats to get an accurate representation of the event’s seating chart.