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Bakkt Theater At Planet Hollywood | Las Vegas, Nevada

Jeff Dunham

The Suitcase Posse is making its way to the Entertainment Capital of the World! Watch Jeff Dunham live at the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood on Sunday, June 30th! In the ongoing stretch of his latest Still Not Canceled Tour, the maestro is expected to charm audiences with the assistance of his five iconic puppets, Walter, Bubba J, Peanut, José Jalapeño on a Stick, and everyone’s favorite undead terrorist, Achmed. Known for his excellent puppet plays and quirky comedies, the American ventriloquist has earned the Lifetime Achievement Award, while his recent special “Me the People” has garnered almost three million viewers to date. You and your friends are all welcome to the greatest venue located in the heart of Las Vegas - the magnificent Bakkt Theater! Here, the pack of misfits will shine with the aid of outstanding lighting and state-of-the-art facilities. Pull the strings of your entertainment plans and snag your tickets as soon as possible!

Jeff Dunham is scheduled to perform live at the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood on Sunday, June 30th! The maestro has announced six extra dates for his Still Not Canceled Tour, which visits over forty-one major venues across the nation.

You’ll want to be here because what sets this string of performances apart from the rest of his record-breaking treks is an exclusive treat - a dedicated preview of Dunham's upcoming Valentine's Day special, set to release next year on Comedy Central!

Puppet comedian Jeff Dunham has achieved the unexpected - showing that a ventriloquist can reach massive mainstream success. The American comedian stands out as the top act on Comedy Central, holding the record for eight most-watched specials in Paramount network’s history. His 2022 special, Me the People, was also the most-watched comedy special of the year, covering intriguing topics like insane amounts of screen time, cancel culture, and impulsive spending habits.

Encounter not just one, not just two but all eight of his vibrant puppets, LIVE and up close at this presentation! Crafted with care by Dunham himself, the lineup of characters features Walter, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Achmed Junior, Peanut, Jose Jalapeno On A Stick, Bubba J., Melvin the Superhero, and Sweet Daddy D.

Did you know he holds the Guinness World Record for the most tickets sold for a stand-up tour, with his Spark of Insanity Tour selling almost two million tickets at nearly four hundred venues worldwide? Who knows, you may be etching your name in history as well, breaking previous records at this show!

“Not only has Dunham heard criticism of his act, but he’s also attempting here to both address it and head it off at the pass so everyone who loves his act can continue to live, laugh, and love him. Even at the outset, Dunham wants his fans to know he’s not worried… All he cares about is whether you show up and laugh or not. He’s playing to the people who pay him,” The Decider shares.

The Bakkt Theater is the leading events place in Las Vegas, known by locals as the epicenter of A-List entertainment in the area. When audiences drop by the theater, everyone is guaranteed to relish the phenomenal sound and breathtaking visuals that the premier venue has to offer. So don’t waste another second - this is your best chance to see Jeff Dunham live on Sunday, June 30th! Get your tickets now!

Jeff Dunham at Bakkt Theater At Planet Hollywood

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