Keith Urban at Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood

keith urban at planet hollywoodThe Las Vegas dazzle will be in full force as the entertainment oasis hosts the Keith Urban residency. For fans, this has sent a whirlwind of excitement, and many wait for this music extravaganza from one of the best country musicians today. This residency will not only be a series of concerts; it is going to be a testament to his lasting impact on the profession and a celebration of his prolific career. Set against the backdrop of the iconic city of Las Vegas, this showcase promises a one-of-a-kind experience featuring top-notch songs from the celebrated artist’s repertoire. The Bakkt Theatre will be the epicenter of Keith Urban’s legendary music this coming November!

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“No fiddles or pedal steel here, but there’s no mistaking the country roots in Urban’s songs.” – Florida Times-Union

“Urban seems to thrive on live performance, and on making the audience feel just as at home in that huge space as he does.” – The Columbus Dispatch

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Deeply embedded in the soul of American culture, country music not only tells stories of everyday life but acts as a bridge between people and communities. For years, people have dedicated their lives to uplifting the genre. Among these bearers of country music is Keith Urban, who stands tall as an accomplished drummer, a passionate singer, and a prolific songwriter in modern society. He has carved deeply into the country music landscape, and people have been hooked on his style since the start of his career. 

Urban’s early life was a mishmash of influences, reflective of his upbringing with American and Australian parents. He was born in New Zealand and moved with his family to Australia when he was young, which is where Urban’s love affair with country music began. Both of his parents are country music lovers. That is why when Keith showed interest in music at a young age, they were supportive of it — even trying their best to get the young Keith a guitar teacher. Growing up in Caboolture, Queensland, he immersed himself in the music of country legends such as Slim Dusty and Johnny Cash and laid the groundwork for his future musical endeavors. 

At an early age, Keith was obviously showing an innate talent for music. He first picked up a guitar when he was six, and has never stopped to play the instrument ever since. He then began to compete in local competitions when he reached his teenage years, showing off skills that impressed people. In 1983, his career started to ascend as he competed on the Australian talent show called New Faces, formalizing his professional music career. In the years that came after, he became a mainstay of the Australian country music scene. At the beginning of this stint, he paired with country singer Jenny Wilson, whom he played with on TV shows. He then became a big part of the band Kid Club. 

In the 90s, a revolutionary change in career happened to the budding country artist. He finally went international during these years. This life-changing happenings began when he formed the country band The Ranch. The band’s stint was short-lived, releasing only a debut album. However, this stint opened doors for his solo career. When 1999 came, he released his self-titled debut album – the beginning of a landmark career in the epicenter of country music scene.

A stratospheric success would then come about when he released his album “Golden Road” in the midst of 2002. The album was a massive hit with memorable songs like “Somebody Like You” and “Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me,” which put Keith’s name among the newest stars of the country music scene. The album’s songs gained him praise for his exquisite and heartfelt lyrics that resonated among many listeners beyond the country music fans. Right after this release is the anthemic “Be Here” album, which went on to become his best-selling record of all time. The songs “Days Go By,” “Making Memories of Us,” and “Tonight I Want to Cry” were historic successes for him. He was right up on the country music pedestal afterward, releasing seven more albums. Among the most notable are “Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing” (2006), “Get Closer” (2010), and his latest “The Speed of Now Part 1.”

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“His performances boast such impressive virtuoso musicianship and off-the-cuff charm that they always seem far less choreographed than a lot of country fare.” – Calgary Herald 

“Urban uses country music as a home base, respecting its traditions, but he also stretches and plays with it.” – The Columbus Dispatch 

Right from the start of his career, the defining feature that Keith has is his talent for guitar playing. He was compared to legendary instrumentalists right on the bat due to his skills that pushed the boundaries of country style. Fans marvel over every Keith Urban’s album release. Who would not want to? After all, his songs showcase his soulful vocals and intricate melodies. This is true whether he plays a country ballad or a classic honky-tonky sound, which ultimately shows his guitar-slinging skills — further supporting most critics’ comments about how he uses his guitar as an extension of his body. 

Aside from his distinct voice, Keith Urban’s asset is his songwriting abilities. Through countless songs about love, heartbreak, resilience, and other relatable themes, he has reflected human’s complex emotions. This mastery is evident in his songs like “You’ll Think of Me” and “Stupid Boy.” His lyricism is an experience of how he bares his soul, opening up to his listeners about the ups and downs of his life.

When Keith does not work on his own music, he usually collaborates with other known names in the industry. He has worked with Amanda Lambert for a song entitled “We Were Us” and with the country superstar Carrie Underwood for the song “The Fighter.” Both of these collaborations are prime examples of his capacity to perfectly blend his style with co-stars to create chart-topping songs.

Moreover, talking about Keith Urban would not be complete without mentioning his live performances. Known for his strong command of the audience, stage presence, and charm, the country music star always sells out major venues in his tours and concerts. Sought after by many concert-goers, he is beloved for being electrifying on stage. This is a testament to how he understands the nuances of creating connections with his audience. He loves his craft and always offers his best performances. His concerts should not be missed.

Keith’s indelible mark in the country music scene is not an easy thing to miss given that he has all that it takes to be a country superstar from the start. Deservingly, he received awards and accolades because of his skills and talent. A Grammy Award, a National Music Association Award, and an Academy of Country Music Award have been bagged by the Aussie country crooner. Top-notch hits are always expected from him.

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The country superstar is set to have his residency in Las Vegas in November. This was not his first time in the city and surely is not going to be his last. As much as people will enjoy these nights of performances, Keith himself is excited about these highly-anticipated performances. In one of his interviews, he said that he “wants to play with the audience, not play at them.” In those words alone, these over-the-top concerts are going to be a memorable one.

The Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood will host the electrifying Keith Urban Residency from November 1 to 18. Get your tickets now, and see you there!